Aries Men and Women: Personality, dating, love, career ?

1 – The Aries Woman

The Aries female is a contrast in hard and soft. She is safely considered bossy and impatient, but she is actually looking out to maintain a heathy lifestyle and interpersonal relationships. Those that know her well can relate to her desire to have less drama in her life by exercising ultimate control. There is no doubt that she is one of the more high-energy personalities of the zodiac signs. She is viewed as loud to outsiders, but she is simply being entertaining and honest.

Aries Woman as a Friend

There is never a dull moment if you have an Aries woman for a friend. You will find her to be wonderfully warm and passionate about all sorts of subjects. She seems a little judgmental in some things. She cannot seem to grasp that people can fall into bad circumstances and not pull theirself out. Aries women like to be offeredwith things that are down to earth and practical. She is definitely one that will be happy you have been thoughtful enough to buy her something she needs.

Aries Woman as a Co-worker

An Aries woman will be a formidable person to out-do in the workplace. She is very high energy and ready for any challenge. She has the drive to make projects move forward at the speed of light. She does seem to get bored quickly, which can be your saving grace. She has the keen ability to see the actions of others well in advance. She can use this to her advantage to leave upper management in awe. Her ability to gain favor and score promotions is nearly unrivaled.

Best Careers for an Aries Woman:

Business management
Hospitality management

Dating an Aries Woman

One thing any man can agree on is that even casually dating an Aries woman is an unforgettable experience. She is one of the passionate zodiac signs, but has often been described as emotionally cold, controlling and aloof. Closer inspection shows that these are not necessarily true. The Aries woman is able to channel emotion and bring logic into the dating experience. She will go no further than she wishes at any given time and has no problems in voicing her opinions, wants and needs. She is able to swiftly change and be comfortable going to a ball game or a formal ball. Although quite feminine, she has enough male dominant characteristics to enjoy masculine activity. This makes her a treasure to the avid car race or football game fanatic.

Relationships and the Aries Woman

A relationship with an Aries woman can seem to run hot and cold at times. They are very passionate, but are a little bossy by nature. They are able to maintain composure and emotional control. This makes it seem to their partner as if they are somewhat cold and withdrawn at times. She is one to move quick and will not give you a lot of time after flirting to make a move. She will lose interest and move on quickly. She has a healthy sexual appetite, but tends to focus on her personal needs in bed.

Love and the Aries Woman

The warmth and passion exhibited by the Aries woman shines when she is in love. Her sharp opinions will be softened some and tempered by the strong feelings she has for her mate. She is considered trustworthy, but has trouble dealing with past relationships and the problems associated withb them. She can be prone to lie about contact with former lovers, but it is for the reason of being able to handle emotional subjects well. When she is in love and everything is going good she is all in. If the relationship begins to sour or demands too much emotionally she has no problem moving along.

3 – The Aries Male

Aries Male Personality

The Aries male personality is one of brute strength, mentally and physically, charm and confidence. They tend to be viewed as the bull in the china store. At times they can appear to be very chauvinistic and domineering of women. This is due to their constant desire to conquer and be the brave man that draws the attraction of all the ladies. They are full of energy and can seem very creative.

Aries Male as a Friend

An Aries male is best matched with friends that are more balanced, such as Libra or Aquarius. Being in the same proximity to the strong Capricorn or Sagittarius can spell disaster. They have a need to control every aspect of their lives and seem to cut off emotionally when stressed or worried. An Aries male can be the life of the party until someone comes along to try and steal the limelight. This can make an Aries irritable and leave the party early. They are very loyal friends being honest and not playing games. They have a tendency to be somewhat self-centered and will leave a friendship that is too demanding of their sympathy.

Aries Male as a Co-worker

Aries males seem very hard in a supervisory capacity and there can be a lot of friction when any problems arise. They are hard to keep up with and demanding of performance. They are able to emotionally detach and make tough decisions to get the job done. Dealing with facts and figures comes naturally to an Aries male. He is able to create budget, get it approved and stick with it to the end result. Their stubbornness and high sense of focus make them formidable in the workplace. He will do any job well where he feels like he is a positive contribution. An Aries male will walk away from a career that takes too much emotional energy and personal time.

Best Careers for an Aries Male:

Account manager
4 – Aries Male and Women

Dating an Aries Male

Dating an Aries male can be a grand affair. They enjoy looking their best and go out of the way to provide the biggest and best of everything for a date. They are the ones that will take you on a helicopter ride or in a hot air balloon. This is not due to any particular romantic feeling, but the desire to outdo everyone. They have little time for emotion and cannot handle a woman with insecurities. She must be fully confident in herself as a woman.

Relationships with an Aries Male

Getting to the place of having a relationship with an Aries male takes some doing. Their need to hunt prey and conquer women has to be tempered with loyalty from true feelings. If there is the slightest hint that they are being lied to or played they have no qualms about calling the whole thing off.

Love and an Aries Male

An Aries male in love is a sight to behold. This is when they will actually allow a more tender side to emerge. They are very protective of those they love and will fight ferociously in their defense. Although seeming a bit brutish at times, they really are a big teddy bear to the ones they care about.

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