Leo Men and Women : love, dating, career

Characteristics of Leo Woman

Leo Woman Personality

The Leo woman is remarkably independent, confident and outspoken. She is fairly intolerant of excuses from anyone in her close circle. Taking full responsibility is a hallmark feature of her lively personality. The woman Leo tends to juggle a full roster of activities. It can be hard to pin her down for a lunch or dinner date. Her high energy levels can have heads spinning. She is often mistaken for having a lack of tact, but actuality she simply likes to state her mind. She is a true friend in every sense of the word to those she connects with.

Leo Woman as a Friend

The Leo woman is likely to have more acquaintances than close friends. She has a need to closely associate with those that truly “get her” and avoid superficial judgments. She has a fierce loyalty for those she is the closest with and will battle mightily for their protection. Although some may feel she gets into their personal business too much, it is born of her desire to protect others from making unneeded mistakes.

Leo Woman as a Co-worker

The Leo woman is a great team player if she is allowed to be the leader. She has a tendency to take on assignments as personal missions and will push to have things done the right way. She is not afraid of tossing in her opinions. This is often mistaken for being grumpy or ill-tempered. She is simply no-nonsense and expects everyone to take the tasks to heart. The great thing about having a Leo woman on your work team is that she will move mountains to resolve even the toughest issues. They are the perfect allies in any situation.

Best Careers for a Leo Woman:

Business manager
College professor
Leo Woman and Men

Dating a Leo Woman

One thing any man can agree on is that even casually dating an Aries woman is an unforgettable experience. She is one of the passionate zodiac signs, but has often been described as emotionally cold, controlling and aloof. Closer inspection shows that these are not necessarily true. The Aries woman is able to channel emotion and bring logic into the dating experience. She will go no further than she wishes at any given time and has no problems in voicing her opinions, wants and needs. She is able to swiftly change and be comfortable going to a ball game or a formal ball. Although quite feminine, she has enough male dominant characteristics to enjoy masculine activity. This makes her a treasure to the avid car race or football game fanatic.

Relationships with a Leo Woman

If you have captured her heart enough to form relationship bonds you will begin to see a whole new side emerge. Her opinions will be more tempered, especially if she knows you hold a completely different view. Her world will begin to revolve around you. She is not willing to let loose completely on an emotional level, but you will see more of her true feelings surface. She requires a partner that takes care of himself and has a high level of energy to keep up. The Leo woman always finds her schedule to be full and needs a partner that understands her time commitments are important. This could mean being late to dinner or skipping a planned lunch.

Love and the Leo Woman

It is easy to tell when a Leo woman is in love. If you have made it to the top of her list she will be very warm and affectionate. She will be much more candid, since she feels complete trust. She will bring you more and more into her inner circle of friends, family and thoughts. She is very confident and creative in the bedroom. A Leo woman, unless there have been shaming situations in the past, is very proud to show her body, even if it is less than perfect. The true lioness comes out when a loving and committed partnership. Nothing will stop her from caring for and defending her family and those she loves.

Characteristics of Leo man

Leo Male Personality

The Leo male is often mistaken for being passive, but much like the head of the pride he can be fierce when needed. He takes no excuses, but has an immense sense of compassion when warranted. He has a chivalrous demeanor and does not hide the fact that he can be brave when called upon. He is considered by many to be a bit selfish, but it never fails to attract the opposite sex.

Leo Male as a Friend

The Leo male has the ability to have all sorts of friendships with a variety of people. They are social by nature and tend to be on the conversational intellectual level. They have little difficulty in talking about many different subjects, which makes them the perfect party guest or host. He will always find his schedule full of people vying for his time.

Leo Male as a Co-worker

The Leo male is considered by many to be congenial and easy to get along with. They are laid back, but do not let that fool you. They have the ability to be aggressive in pursuit of their career success. If they feel threatened by competition they will use their unending charm to win the race. They are hard to beat when it comes to office politics. They know how the game works and play to win. The Leo male is also an excellent team player that is loyal as long as he feels he is contributing.

Best Careers for the Leo Male :

Business manager
Police officer
Leo Man and Women

Dating a Leo Male

The Leo male tends to be quite extravagant when attempting to woo the lady of his choice. He is very laid back and a great conversationalist. He has the ability to make his dates feel special. He is a virtual Prince Charming. He can be seen as arrogant and self-centered, but this is because he knows what he wants in a mate and will not stop until he finds what he seeks. The Leo male rarely focuses on one female until he is sure she fits all the criteria.

Relationships with a Leo Male

Establishing a relationship with the Leo male means you have met the necessary check-list he mentally keeps. The one thing that turns off a Leo is a lot of negativity and strife. They thrive on positive aspects and may seem to bury their heads in the sand when problems arise. He is trustworthy when deeper emotional feelings develop. He has no qualms about lying if offering the truth will cause more harm than help. He is able to control emotions enough to sort through things logically, which many take as a cold side. He is simply being practical.

Love and the Leo Male

A Leo male is in his true element while in love. His warmth and tenderness are incomparable with all other zodiac signs. He tends to fall hard for women that resemble his first love. This is how rigid his criteria are when it comes to finding a mate he feels is suitable. The Leo male is very open sexually and loves to experiment. He needs a partner that is equally creative and willing to talk about sex comfortably. He is both loyal and fiercely protective of the woman he loves. It is an endearing quality mixed with his laid back charm reserved for those he feels are special.



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