Taurus : love, dating, career, personality for Men and Women

Characteristics of a Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman Personality

The Taurus zodiac sign is that of the bull, but the woman Taurus is deceptively serene and calm. She does have an extreme temper, but only when seriously provoked. She has a high level of tolerance and patience to counter-balance temper. The woman Taurus is not flashy or smitten by expensive items, but is earthy and well-grounded in reality. She would much rather push towards life goals than dream about fantasy lives, money and fancy homes. She is a bit reserved when first meeting people, but warms up quickly to those she likes and trusts.

Taurus Woman as a Friend

Friendship with the Taurus woman has the ability to become a lifetime commitment. She will have a fair share of friends, but prefers high quality over large numbers. Intellectual stimulation is what she craves and is often highly intelligent. She does not like to strut her capabilities and will use them instead to help showcase the intelligence of her friends. Anyone fortunate enough to have a Taurus woman for a friend always walks away feeling better about themselves. Her nurturing nature towards those she cares about makes her the friend everyone goes to for advice.

Taurus Woman as a Co-worker

The Taurus woman enjoys an occupation in which she feels a great deal of security and her tasks do not change often. She may not be a natural born leader, but when thrust into a leadership role she will be loyal and stalwart in carrying out her duties. She enjoys a small business or personalized setting to carry out her work tasks.

Best Careers for a Taurus Woman

  • Interior designer
  • Nurse
  • Elementary teacher
  • Chef
  • Florist
  • Taurus Woman and Men

Dating a Taurus Woman

Although the Taurus woman is attractive and feminine, she is earthy and enjoys the outdoors. She is not adventurous when it comes to new activities, but can be easily persuaded if it involves outdoor time. Skiing, kayaking, hiking and repelling are dating activities that can seem ultra appealing knowing that she will be surrounded by nature.

Relationships and the Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman takes a long time in deciding if she has met the right man to form a relationship with. This can prove frustrating to an impatient man. Once she feels confident she will open up and pour out her heartfelt affections with no reservation. Her nurturing spirit will take the helm the more she feels secure and protected in the relationship. She is not prone to jealousy unless provoked. A relationship with a Taurus woman can prove solid and long-lasting with very little trouble.

Love and the Taurus Woman

The man that captures the heart of the Taurus woman is lucky. She will prove to be faithful, dependable and doting on the man she loves. Nothing will come before taking care of her family. Even though a Taurus has a notorious temper, she will be more likely to walk away shaking her head if she feels there is truly nothing to argue about. She is able to quell discord quickly and nearly effortlessly. The Taurus woman is endlessly supportive of the one she loves as long as she feels he is being faithful. Her no-nonsense approach to life makes a partnership enjoyable and long-lasting.

Characteristics of Taurus man

Taurus Male Personality

Stubborn is the first word to come to mind when dealing with a Taurus male. It is extremely hard to change their mind once a decision is made. He is very protective in relationships, jobs and whatever he has staked out as his property. He loves to spend money on the finer things in life and be surrounded by the best. He is a hard worker that tends to be a little possessive of the things he has earned in life. He does not find it easy to share at times. The Taurus man might seem a little slow, but he is simply contemplating the best way to get things done. Ultimately he is good at saving time and money.

Taurus Male as a Friend

The Taurus male seems to have no troubles making friendships, but he is cautious when bringing male friends around his female companions. He tends to be a bit jealous. He has a bit of a hot temper and impatient. He is earthy and prefers being outside, so hunting and fishing are normally his favorite off time activities. He can often be found motorbiking and heading off road. He enjoys spending money on quality items, but is frugal when it counts. He is not ashamed of enjoying material items.

Taurus Male as a Co-worker

There is no denying that the Taurus male is a hard worker. He tends to be a workaholic. He loves for projects and commitments to be on schedule. He becomes frustrated if others around him are not as serious about deadlines. He is a natural leader and extremely efficient at handling details. He is happiest when operating his own business since he maintains more control. He is a loyal employee if he feels that his contributions are being recognized in both pay and promotion. The Taurus male is the perfect candidate to train new employees with his ability to perform tasks to perfection.

Best Careers for a Taurus Male

  • Business manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Accountant
  • Stock broker
  • Banker
  • Taurus Man and Women

Dating the Taurus Male

The Taurus man may find it a difficult task to meet women, but once he settles on dating one he will normally stick it out to see if it develops into something more. He is resistant to change and will take a little time off from dating when hurt. His goal is to find the perfect mate to pasture with in keeping with his bull sign. He is remarkably accommodating to his special lady, even if it a brief dating experience. She will feel well cared for during the entire duration.

Relationships and the Taurus Male

The Taurus male holds nothing back when showering his lady with affection and gifts. He is extremely jealous and will not tolerate open relationships or cheating. He will not think twice about ending the relationship if he feels she is simply playing games. He is remarkably gentle with his potential mate and is looking for signs that it is the right person to settle down with. He will stop at nothing to please the one he feels has the potential as a life partner. He enjoys the entire process of courtship and takes it very serious.

Love and the Taurus Male

A Taurus man in love will be more talkative, enthusiastic and take care of himself. He is still possessive of his material things, but willing to share more with the love of his life. A Taurus man in love is not joking around. He plans to make it a permanent union and expects the same from his partner. He normally takes charge of all financial matters, but is willing to let his love make some of the decisions once trust is formed. He is an energetic lover, although not much for suggesting different positions. He is quite adequate with what he fees comfortable doing in bed.



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