Gemini Men and Women : love, dating, career, personality !

Characteristics of a Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman Personality

The Gemini zodiac sign is that of the bull, but the woman Gemini is deceptively serene and calm. She does have an extreme temper, but only when seriously provoked. She has a high level of tolerance and patience to counter-balance temper. The woman Gemini is not flashy or smitten by expensive items, but is earthy and well-grounded in reality. She would much rather push towards life goals than dream about fantasy lives, money and fancy homes. She is a bit reserved when first meeting people, but warms up quickly to those she likes and trusts.

Gemini Woman as a Friend

The Gemini woman is one of mystery, intrigue, playful and extreme intelligence. She can sway you to her way of thinking and then switch sides just for the enjoyment of the battle. There is never a dull moment with this sign. The great thing about becoming friends with a Gemini woman is that you will feel an instant connection that seems you have known one another for years. She does get bored easy and demands a lot of activity, so shopping, hiking and long bike rides are on her to-do list frequently. It takes an energetic person to keep up with a Gemini.

Gemini Woman as a Co-worker

Having a co-worker that is a Gemini means that the office will be hopping with energy. This is the person you want on your team and in your corner when the tasks get difficult. They can reason through tough situations with ease. They are highly competitive, but usually earn top wages and promotions without seemingly batting an eye.

Best Careers for a Gemini Woman :

  • Actress
  • Newscaster
  • Politician
  • Sales
  • Lawyer

Dating a Gemini Woman

Securing a date with a Gemini woman might not be that difficult, but a second date takes real finesse. She will pay close attention to your activity level and demand complete intellectual involvement. You can never win the heart of a Gemini without first conquering the mind. She has to be impressed with your cranium before looking much beyond the surface. She will lavish you with attention, but will also demand much in return.

Relationships and the Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman appears to always be in the hunt for the perfect mate. Her tastes are very discriminating in companions. She is not shy about being in a relationship and letting you know it is a trial and error arrangement. If you do not meet her criteria she will simply walk away. It takes a Gemini woman a little bit of time to determine if you are the right one, but she will make the relationship enjoyable while it lasts. It takes a special man to truly win her heart, but when it happens she is all yours.

Love and the Gemini Woman

Long term relationships with a Gemini woman are dependent on chemistry of the brain and body. She has to fall in love with your wit and intellect first. Humor is her first love. Playfulness is a close second. Being able to readjust your schedule at the last minute to toss in a surprise weekend get-away or event is right up her alley. Spontaneous fun and frivolity is desired, but she also has an intellectual side that needs constant stimulation. The better you can hold your own in conversations covering many topics you will catch and keep her attention. She is very extroverted in the bedroom and loves exploration.

Characteristics of Gemini man

Gemini Male Personality

The Gemini Man is generally one with a full social calendar, no matter what time of year it happens to be. His combination of smooth charm and down-to-earth connection with people means that he will delight anyone in attendance at parties and other social gatherings. He has the remarkable ability to truly see any conflict or argument from both sides. The problem is you will never really know which side he truly rests in unless you have known him for a long period of time. He loves to playfully challenge conversation to his advantage. It is a mere exercise of his brain power.

Gemini Male as a Friend

A Gemini man is comfortable in his own skin and can be a good friend to either sex. His charm and charisma attract women of all ages. His ability to talk sports, politics and religion without stumbling gives him a unique edge in making and retaining friends. He can get weary of dull conversation or if he gets the feeling that someone is not telling the truth. Exaggeration is acceptable, but bold lies are a turn-off. He does tend to get bored easy and needs a lot of mental stimulation. Without this you may find he is the first person to leave the party.

Gemini Male as a Co-worker

A Gemini man is an expert at multi-tasking and has an incredibly efficient memory. He is a quick learner and enjoys occupations where there is a lot of mental stimulation. He will often be the first person to offer advice or try and demonstrate a new way of doing menial tasks. It is not unusual to find the Gemini man in management or training positions in many company settings.

Best Careers for a Gemini Male

  • Actor
  • Politician
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • College professor

Dating the Gemini Male

Women fortunate enough to get a date with a Gemini will find them to be mesmerizing and flirtatious. The problem is they will instantly feel they are the special one when this is simply the way he operates. His ability to smooth over arguments is only overtaken by his skill at winning. He has the most difficulty in settling on one woman. His innate need for variety and stimulation make it difficult to land a Gemini as a lifetime partner.

Relationships and the Gemini Male

A Gemini man will seek out the company of a woman he feels an intense mental connection with. The right combination of physical and mental stimulation is what he is looking for in a partner. He will not give his heart to just anyone. He takes as much time as he needs and refuses to be rushed. He has a stubborn streak and cannot be moved on issues that are important to him. His constant dissection of topics can become irritating, even though he is trying to stimulate progressive thinking. If he gets bored he will move along without a second thought.

Love and the Gemini Male

Once a Gemini man feels he has found the perfect partner he will be incredibly loyal. Getting him to this point can be the real trick. He finds fascination with a variety of different types of women. His need for change and release from boredom make it imperative for you to keep things interesting both in and out of the bedroom. His need to explore make him the ideal love partner for those that enjoy a change in positions, toys or locations. If you can give him the consistent variety he craves you will have his heart for life.



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