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Characteristics of a Virgo Woman

Virgo Woman Personality

The Virgo woman is one that wins the hearts of most people she is around. Her charismatic charm and genuine concern for others shine brightly. There is nothing artificial about her smile, laughter and desire to get to know people on a higher level. She has a remarkable sense of intuition and can almost always sense when something is off with a person or situation. Her keen sense of integrity only allows her to use this inside information in ways that are helpful. She is very detail oriented and demands order in the world around. She can begin to feel anxious in situations that she feels are out of her control.

Virgo Woman as a Friend

The Virgo woman is one you can safely tell all of your secrets to and not worry about it spreading all over town. She enjoys being able to try and help her close friends with any situation that arises. She may not always have the answer, but you will feel better for having discussed it with someone that genuinely cares about the outcome. Her ability to remember things will astound at times. She is the one that never forgets birthdays, anniversaries and important events. She will be truly hurt of you forget her special days.

Virgo Woman as a Co-worker

A Virgo woman is normally well-grounded and does very little out of pure emotional response. She is a pleasant person to work around. She seems to be loaded with a ton of common-sense ideas and can easily take charge when necessary. She enjoys a career with challenge that involves a lot of multitasking or attention to detail. Her easy nature means she will have many more allies than enemies when it comes to office politics.

Best Careers for a Virgo Woman :

  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • Stock Broker
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Paralegal

Dating a Virgo Woman

Some men might be a bit put off when dating a Virgo. She seems to always analyze and gauge what the man is thinking. What she is actually doing is sorting through all the details to try and determine if there is the possibility of a relationship. She has a desire to understand all angles to avoid making a potential mistake. Developing feelings for a member of the opposite sex takes time and she explores every avenue to make sure she is putting her trust in the right man.

Relationships and the Virgo Woman

Once the Virgo woman has decided to follow her heart and give a man a try at a relationship the hard work begins. No one will work more diligently to dissect any problems and try to find solutions that work. She will be the one you find reading all sorts of relationship books and articles searching to create the perfect partnership between a man and woman. She needs a man that understands she is not nitpicking, but trying to be helpful. Her loyalty is strong and she will only tend to concentrate on one man.

Love and the Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is determined to find the right mate for her as a lifetime partner. Her attention to detail in men is as acute as all other areas of her life. She is not one to be gushy with feelings, but has quite the romantic heart. This is one woman you will have to spend time pursuing, but it is well worth the effort. Her strong independent nature will shine through in being able to help through the tough battles that come up in life. She does tend to have a few insecurities, but constant honest reassurance that you love her for the right reasons helps them disappear.

Characteristics of Virgo man

Virgo Male Personality

The Virgo man is a blend of complex thinker and energetic high achiever. He is balanced in mood and emotion, but is not one to show deep emotion often. He has a more critical and analytical side that is usually at the forefront. He will not hesitate to get involved in any activity where he thinks he offer positive contributions. He is as much community minded and goal oriented as he is in regards to his own personal life.

Virgo Male as a Friend

The Virgo male provides a solid foundation in friendship that will last over the years. They firmly feel that respect should be equally given and received. You will enjoy a friendship that is stable and relatively drama free. He will be the listening ear that you depend on when trying to make big decisions. His sage and sound advice are sought after by all he knows. He may not be the life of the party, but his steadfast, honest and valuable input make him the guy that most people want involved in their lives.

Virgo Male as a Co-worker

The Virgo man really digs into his work and can often overlook everything else in life. He has a sharp eye for details, which make his analytical and grounded approach to a career desirable. The difficult part is separating out enough to be able to view the larger picture. He can become too focused on the mundane. He will always be honest in business dealings, even if it means he loses a little money. He is critical of those that do not follow the same conduct and morals in the workplace. He tends to judge everyone by his own standards, which can be high.

Best Careers for a Virgo Male

  • Bookkeeper
  • Writer
  • Copyeditor
  • Scientist
  • Mathematician

Dating the Virgo Male

The Virgo man has very discriminating tastes when it comes to finding a dating partner. He likes to stay emotionally unattached until he gets to know a woman, which can make him seem a little hard and cold at first. A few dates in and he will begin to thaw a little if he finds himself attracted to his dating partner.

Relationships and the Virgo Male

Having a long term relationship with a Virgo man is one in which he will always be trying to get feedback and improve his performance as a companion. He will question everything from dining etiquette to bedroom prowess. The best way to show him support is to be patient and answer each question honestly. He is simply trying to be the best person he can for his partner. He tends to be very modest and almost shy in the bedroom, but he can have moments of pure passion. Giving him positive feedback in these moments will ensure there will be many more.

Love and the Virgo Male

The demand for balance with the Virgo man means he will only completely give his heart once he has weighed everything out and feels it is worth the investment. He is generally a homebody and prefers to spend quality off-time with his life partner and family. He tends to be faithful and trustworthy, but demands the same in return. His highly critical side has to be taken at face value. Some women may tend to think he nags or picks about things, but he is simply a process thinker. He genuinely strives to get along and make the world a better place for all.



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