Aquarius : Love and Dating, Career and Personality

Characteristics of a Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman Personality

The Aquarius woman has a strong streak of independence and freedom. She is willing to offer that in return for all of the relationships she cultivates in her life. She is friendly to everyone, but keeps her friendship numbers low. She desires to make friends that some might view as quirky or weird. She sees their value and is non-judgmental with looks and lifestyle. She does demand loyalty and gives it back in amazing ways. She is even very brand loyal with items she purchases and services used. This is not a woman that will switch brands to save a few pennies. She is very resistant to life changes.

Aquarius Woman as a Friend

Aquarius females are super intelligent and love having their brain stimulated with good conversation and exchanging of facts. She is equally good at listening and speaking. She has no trouble finding herself endeared to all that surround her life. She does not want anyone to help her financially if possible. Her actions are always deliberate and with purpose. She is not stubborn, but away on the cook-out for situations that can lead to harm or heartbreak.

Aquarius Woman as a Co-worker

Management might not be the specialty of this sign, but she can become a good leader if she tones down her personality. She is always more than capable to perform her given tasks and do them well.

Best Careers for a Aquarius Woman :

  • CFO
  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • Environmentalist
  • Writer

Dating a Aquarius Woman

You never know who the Aquarius female will find herself dating. Her interests are just as varied as her personality. She will ant to stick with low-cost cultural events. She loves things like museums and archive sites. A good movie that contains enough plot twists to keep her mind engaged is a plus. She loves to dress nice and expects to be taken to places that reflect her internal desire for peace, tranquility and beauty.

Relationships and the Aquarius Woman

The perfect relationship partner for an Aquarius woman is one that can engage is metal battles that are never taken too seriously. She is not really that opinionated, but will choose a side to let the battle commence. In the end you will both be laughing. She enjoys a contrasting personality as long as she is given the leverage to remain true to her nature. She only desires the consistent company of someone that is open, honest and true to their word.

Love and the Aquarius Woman

Love is felt deeply by the Aquarius woman. She enjoys the game play that leads up to romance and love. She can be a loyal life partner, but you need to keep things rolling fresh to keep her interest. She is not against dating numerous people, but will trim things down to one once she feels she has made a love connection.

Characteristics of Aquarius man

Personality of the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man has a vision for the world that he feels compelled to share and get positive results. He is the one that you will see organize local clean-up crews for city parks and roadways. He is the one that will opt to take public transportation to limit pollution to the planet. He values his freedom above all else and may be hard to tie down in a relationship. He cannot stand the feeling of not being able to make his own schedule and get to events that are important to his causes. He is in every way the consummate humanitarian. When hurt emotionally he will seem to withdraw from the world, but he is really taking the situation in and evaluating.

Aquarius Male as a Friend

Aquarius men love to know people. They may be a little choosy on friends, but they ove to met people from all walks of life and circumstances. He is the one that will suggest games that require intelligence to play, such as chess. He is outgoing, talkative and seems to have a lot of worldly wisdom. He will go out on the town with large groups, but he wants to be the one that decides where everyone is going. He does not like conflict, but is not afraid to stand up for himself and those he cares about. He is considered a steadfast personality, loving to know as much as possible about the world.

Aquarius Male as a Co-worker

Working around an Aquarius man is both fun and relaxing. he can make the day pass by without really noticing. The taboo conversations he enjoys bringing up keep the good humor at the ready in the worst of working conditions. He rarely tales words easily, but would rather things be demonstrated. You will hardly ever find an Aquarius that plays to get love, His ability and desire to hold grudges is nearly zero, although he has a short tolerance for nonsense.

Best Careers for a Aquarius Male

  • CFO
  • Photographer
  • Politician
  • Journalist
  • Physician

Dating the Aquarius Male

Dates with an Aquarius man are fun-filled and satisfying. You never know what you might be doing. he is a master at surprise and enjoys making you think he has forgotten your birthday, when in reality he probably bough your gift weeks ago. The ability to take things lightly is a prerequisite for dating an Aqurius.

Relationships and the Aquarius Male

Creating a relationship with the Aquarius man is not possible. Relationships happen or they do not. There is no forcing the issue or you drive him away. he will feel that you are trying to chain him down and he will want his freedom. It is best to let things grow naturally. He can hold his own emotionally and will expect his partner to do the same. He tends to be faithful and helpful in every relationship he has had in the past.

Love and the Aquarius Male

The Aquarius male is both adventurous and complicated. He wants to brag that he is love, but too much and he starts to get the itch for freedom. His best mate possibilities are signs like Libra and Pisces that can be romantic without taking his affection as a joke. Nurturing this side of him will possibly earn you a love connection for life.



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