Planetary rulers: Zodiac and influence of the planet

The Influence of the Planets

Just as the sun and the moon rule over astrological signs, so do the planets. These heavenly bodies exert their own celestial influences in the different houses of the zodiac. Their positions during the time, date, and location of your birth determine many things, including success, luck, and personality traits.

The word “planet” itself means “wanderer,” and was initially coined by the ancient Greeks to describe the visible celestial bodies that seemed to move independently of the other stars in the night sky. Today, the planets include the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union relegated Pluto to the status of a dwarf planet. Regardless of this fact, astrologer’s still take Pluto’s astrological influence into account when constructing a person’s birth chart. A birth chart is an astrological representation of where all of the planets were when you were born.

How Do the Planets Affect My Astrological Chart?

At the moment of your birth, all of the planets were in a particular alignment and location in the sky. The zodiac has 12 houses, and each of those houses had a planet — or more than one — in it when you were born. Each planet has its own specific set of influences, and they imbued your personality and astrological schema with those influences. Think of your astrological chart as a sack full of traits and weaponry that you were given in order to forge your path in the world. Regardless of what twists and turns life throws your way, you essentially remain the same person at your core.

The Planets and Their Traits

The planets are divided into two categories: inner and outer. The inner planets — Mercury, Venus, and Mars — are closest to the sun and moon and move the quickest through the zodiac signs. For the purposes of astrology, the sun and moon are also included as inner plants. The outer planets are the farthest from the sun and moon and take longer to move through the zodiac signs. The outer planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

As the planets move through your zodiac sign, they bring action and awareness to particular areas of your life. The following is a list of each planet and what traits they bring as they pass through:

The sun: The sun’s position in the zodiac is what determines your astrological sign. If you’re a Gemini, then that means the sun was in Gemini at the time of your birth. The sun shines a spotlight on who you are deep down. It rules the ego and illuminates your character and nature. The sun is associated with a fatherly influence and how you relate to the men in your life. Its main traits are confidence, intensity, and creativity.

The moon: The moon governs instincts and primeval urges. It represents a motherly influence and affects the relationships with the women in your life. As the moon is closely tied to mood, depending upon where the moon was in your astrological chart, you may find that your moods fluctuate as with the tides. The moon’s main traits are emotion, routine, and instinct.

Mercury: Reason, analytical thinking, and verbal and written expression are all governed by Mercury. If Mercury is predominant in your chart, you’re likely to be exceptionally expressive and communicative. Its main traits are communication, coordination of physical and mental processes, and learning.

Venus: Venus is the planet of beauty and creativity. If Venus is prevalent in your chart, you may be gifted with physical attractiveness and material wealth. Its main traits are love, relationships, and finances.

Mars: This planet represents energy and aggression. If Mars dominates your chart, you may find yourself easily fired up about things. Because Mars was the ancient god of war, the planet’s main traits are work, conflict, and competition.

Jupiter: Excitement, opportunity, and growth are Jupiter’s realms. It moves through the zodiac signs about once every 12 years, and that’s the time to go all in. Its main traits are travel, adventure, and philosophy.

Saturn: This planet is all about restriction and restraint. Saturn is a relentless taskmaster that won’t leave you alone until you’ve learned a lesson necessary for you to progress in life. Its main traits are maturity, responsibility, and career.

Uranus: This planet believes that rules were made to be broken. If you have Uranus in a strong position in your chart, you probably tend to buck the system and reject tradition. Uranus’s main traits are rebellion, disruption, and change.

Neptune: Neptune is the planet of imagination and mysteriousness. If Neptune is prominent in your chart, you may be particularly drawn toward spiritual pursuits. Its main traits are illusion, disillusionment, and mysticism.

Pluto: This planet presides over secrets and undercover activities. If Pluto is predominant in your chart, you may find yourself drawn to the occult. Its main traits are transformation, power, and rebirth.

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