Astrology : About Venus

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The Astrological Importance of Venus

It may miss the minds of skeptics who believe astrology is not a full circle that includes life, death, the sun, the moon, stars and planets. Astrology has been an important part of human life since early man studied the various phases of the sun and the moon and the placement of stars and planets that aligned with his daily existence.

The existence of Venus has been known since the dawn of man. Venus, also called “The Love Planet” can be seen with the naked eye and is the brightest celestial body after the sun and moon.

Early man must have spent a lot of time studying the facets of this bright orb. As human knowledge increased, it was possible to create astrological charts based on the locations of the planets. As the brightest orb in the sky, it is easy to understand why Venus might be a powerful influence to those born at a split second in time when Venus is in a specific location.

The Influence of Venus in Astrology

Astrologers believe Venus influences love and money. Because of its celestial beauty, Roman named their goddess of love, “Venus.” In astrology, Venus rules over the constellations of Taurus and Libra. The astrological symbol for Taurus is male and the astrological symbol for Libra is female. The Taurus symbol is associated with money while the Libra symbol is associated with love.

Since the early Bablylonians, men have chiefly been the managers of all things monetary. Women are the gentler sex and most often associated with the emotion of love. This shows how powerful the influence of Venus can be over human emotions. The orbital path of Venus is a nearly perfect circle. As the second planet from the sun, it is unusual in that it is the only planet that rotates backward by comparison to other planets. Astrologically, Venus affects each of the astrological signs in that same unique way. Is the mystical message from Venus that when order becomes restraint, it takes a softer, gentler retrograde to make emotions clearer?


The Zodiac and the Influence of Venus

Astrology is a well ordered form of study and practice that links twelve signs of the Zodiac to all phases of human existence. Libra and Taurus Ruled by Venus

Venus – The Symbol of Love and Money

Two of the most powerful human forces are love and money. In astrology, the signs of the zodiac are paired and studied to create the most harmonious love and money relationships. The strength of influence exuded by Venus depends on the placement of Venus in an astrological chart and where it was located at time of birth in proximity to the sun and moon.

Venus in your astrological chart can influence your personal habits, your sensitivity toward others and your business and personal relationships. The symbol for Venus in an astrological chart is a circle and a cross. The hidden meaning in that symbol is that love is eternal and can be a burden.

Love and Money or Love of Money

Astrologically, Venus often influences love of money over love of another. When this occurs in astrological charts, the end result can be an extreme form of narcissism and greed.
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