Sun Signs: What Yours Says About You

about sun influence in astrology
The Egyptians called him Ra; the Romans, Apollo; the Greeks, Helios. We know him as the Sun — the masculine counterpart to the feminine Moon and the male Yang to the female Yin. Although it received a bad reputation in the ‘70s for being a corny pickup line, the question “What’s your sign?” is what people typically ask if they want to know your astrology sign. Astrologers refer to this as your “Sun sign.”Your Sun sign is determined by which zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born. Every year, this solar powerhouse travels through each of the 12 zodiac signs where he takes off his shoes, kicks up his feet, and makes himself at home for about a month. He’s the dominant force in your astrological chart, ruling over your desires, expressions, and personality.

In order to truly understand yourself and how you relate to others, looking to your Sun sign can give you some keen insights and help you navigate the often-tricky path through life.

Aries: The Initiator
March 21 – April 19

You’re honest, upfront, and usually get what you want. Your intimidating energy has been likened to a bullet — it speeds in a bee line with no time to waste, and when it’s over, it’s over. Because you crave excitement, it’s no wonder that you prefer the company of others who share your impulsive soul.

Taurus: The Preserver
April 20 – May 20

Like the bull that represents your sign, you’re exceptionally tenacious once you’ve planted those hooves and made a decision. Your determination, diligence, and endless supply of patience serve you well in many aspects of your life. Creature comforts top your list of priorities, and you always make sure your loved ones are pampered and content.

Gemini: The Seeker
May 21 – June 20

You’re happiest when multitasking. If you’re forced to sit still, you’ll find a way to keep your mind busy. You’re constantly on the lookout for conversation, new information, and ways to employ your talent for wordsmithing. You’re fast-paced and fun to be around, which is why you’re rarely alone.

Cancer: The Caretaker
June 21 – July 22

Your main priorities in life are home, family, and security. There’s no better nurturer or comforter than you. You enjoy spoiling people and need to feel needed. You rely heavily on intuition and first impressions, caring less about physical appearance and choosing to focus more on the vibes you get from people.

Leo: The Ruler
July 23 – Aug. 22

You’re royalty and deserve to be treated as such. You lions, in turn, treat your inner circle as if they’re your pride. You’re brave and always ready to hop on stage and entertain the masses. You go out of your way to make friends and family feel as if they’re the most important people in the world.

Virgo: The Fixer
Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

You’re detail-oriented, meticulous, and talented at getting right to the heart of the matter. You thrive in clean and ordered environments, taking pride in the fact that you keep everything you own in good condition. You tend to gravitate toward “fixer-uppers” because you enjoy having a hand in helping people to be the best they can be.

Libra: The Balancer
Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

Like the scales that represent your sign, you constantly strive to maintain balance in everything. You subconsciously seek out people and situations that are somewhat lopsided and need righting. You’re charming and friendly, so people are generally willing to allow you that task.

Scorpio: The Investigator
Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Nobody loves an enigma more than you do. You’re in your element when plumbing the depths of the dark and mysterious — something that most others are afraid to do. You allow only a select few into your inner circle, and if someone betrays your hard-earned trust, they may as well forget about a second chance.

Sagittarius: The Adventurer
Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Your antics are hilarious and, at times, downright outrageous. You seek adventure and excitement, taking great pleasure in exploring, traveling, and even participating in extreme sports. Your missions in life are to have as many new experiences as possible and to share those experiences with others.

Capricorn: The Realist
Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Your work ethic is unrivalled. You know how to let your hair down and have a good time, but only if you feel you’ve earned it. Practical and trustworthy, you tend to be viewed as an authority figure. You guard the door to your inner circle carefully, and if someone has made it inside, it’s because you feel safe and secure with them.

Aquarius: The Observer
Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

You’re a professional people-watcher. At times, you focus so intently on things that you can appear aloof. You think outside the box and, therefore, can be viewed as unconventional — not that you mind. Because of this, you have the most eclectic and interesting group of friends of all the zodiac signs.

Pisces: The Empath
Feb. 19 – March 20

You’re famous for your intuition. Exceptionally sensitive, you’ll go out of your way to avoid glaring lights, loud noises, and negative people. When overwhelmed, you’ll seek to withdraw into your personal sanctuary to recharge your emotional batteries. You’re at your best when surrounded by calm, like-minded, and spiritual people.

About Libra Men and Women : love, dating, career, personality !

Characteristics of a Libra Woman

Libra Woman Personality

A true Libra is one of the more serious of all the zodiac signs. As an air sign she is captivated at and talented with beautiful communication skill. She has the ability to communicate well with all signs, age groups and genders. She has a driving curiosity to know things. She is all about boundaries, fairness, balance, mutual respect, honesty, faithfulness and compatibility. She is focused on a goal of peace and tranquility in every area of life.

Libra Woman as a Friend

Libra women love to make friends. They tend to be outgoing and social, but warm up slowly to close friendships. This is because she has to balance all aspects and make sure you are compatible to her way of thinking and activity levels. She is easily bored and loves to explore new things. Keeping friendships with a Libra woman might prove to be the harder task. She demands loyalty in deed and thought. Lying is completely unacceptable and can hold grudges in this area.

Libra Woman as a Co-worker

Be sure and thank the Libra woman you have as a co-worker. She is more than happy to take on more than her fair share of work when necessary, but likes to be thanked for her efforts. She is not looking for recognition of actions, but rather wanting to see if you understand that she is pulling the weight to create a balance and harmony to the process. Treat her to lunch to repay her efforts and it will go a long way to cementing a good working bond.

Best Careers for a Libra Woman :

  • Judge
  • Physician
  • Kennel aid
  • Nurse
  • Police officer

Dating a Libra Woman

It is true that a Libra woman is social, but she can be a little picky when it comes to companions. She has the gift of being able to get along with most signs, but she wants to reserve her private hours for those she finds most compatible and calming. Aries and Capricorns tend to leave her frustrated, but a well-centered Aquarian and fun loving, romantic Pisces are right up her alley. She looks beyond surface measurements to see a great heart and willingness to see both sides of any issue.

Relationships and the Libra Woman

A Libra woman has the need for balance, stability and comfort with her relationship of choice. She demands loyalty and faithfulness in maintaining communication, dating activities and never forget a birthday or anniversary. She is not attracted by baubles and beads, but put a lot of thought into gifts and plans. This is what will make her feel that she is special and adored. She may seem a bit clingy if you go extended periods with no contact. She has no problem removing you from her phone contacts and moving on. What you get in return is a very committed companion that will go to extraordinary lengths to make you happy.

Love and the Libra Woman

It is impossible to win the heart of a Libra woman without first capturing her mind. She has the need for mental stimulation. Making love is more than an art of the physical body to a Libra woman. It is a combination of mental, physical and soul. The spiritual Libra woman will need to feel a spirit connection before entering into anything that would be considered a love match. She has a knack for knowing the right things to say at the right moments, but can sometimes be off and almost accusatory. Her flashes of deep emotion are tempered by the ability to soundly reason out emotion from reality through skilled communication with her beloved.

Characteristics of Libra man

Libra Male Personality

The Libra man is the most balanced of all men of the zodiac. This might explain why he is represented by the scales of justice and balance. He will go to extensive measures to try and be fair to everyone in his life. He has a knack for enjoying a good debate without it degenerating into arguments. He is a favored companion due to his sense of logic and understanding of many topics.

Libra Male as a Friend

You are liable to find the Libra man hanging out with people of all types. His non-judgmental nature makes him a desired and easy companion. He is as calm and tranquil in demeanor as he is refined in looks. Everyone wants to take the Libra man to the company picnic. He will be the hit of any social gathering and many like to view him as a steady and honest friend.

Libra Male as a Co-worker

The Libra man is not the perfect choice for positions of leadership, but he is one of the best team players you can hope for. He is in his element if he feels his contributions are making a difference. He tends to hesitate in making decisions, but is fully motivated to do what needs to be done at the end of the day.

Best Careers for a Libra Male

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Defense attorney
  • Mediator
  • Corrections officer

Dating the Libra Male

The Libra man will take the time to try and discover what activities you enjoy. He will be amiable, timely and look after your creature comforts. He is a bit obsessed with making sure you are having a good time. He may ask this numerous times, but try not to be annoyed. He wants an honest answer to make plans for future dates. You will find him to be a charming companion that is knowledgeable about many topics. Conversation is easy and there are rarely awkward moments. He is not unwilling to offer information about his own life, but will seem much more interested in hearing your tales of adventure and fun.

Relationships and the Libra Male

Establishing a long term relationship with a Libra man is an exciting proposition for any woman. He is generally very attractive both inwardly and outwardly. His compassion for humanity shines in almost all circumstances. He dislikes arguments and discord. He will only bring up situations and problems that are really important. This is not the type of man that will present nagging behaviors. He will toss a load of laundry into the wash machine rather than bug you to clean the clothes. He is a star negotiator and can get you the best price on any desired item. He goes out of his way to make sure that you have a smile on your face every day.

Love and the Libra Male

The Libra man loves to be in love. His charm and charisma make him a popular gentleman that is highly sought after. He is ruthlessly protective and faithful to his life partner. His best matches are with other air signs such as Aquarius, but is able to adapt to other signs as well. His big deal breakers are dishonesty and game play. When he declares his love it is with all honesty and integrity of emotion.