Aquarius : Love and Dating, Career and Personality

Characteristics of a Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman Personality

The Aquarius woman has a strong streak of independence and freedom. She is willing to offer that in return for all of the relationships she cultivates in her life. She is friendly to everyone, but keeps her friendship numbers low. She desires to make friends that some might view as quirky or weird. She sees their value and is non-judgmental with looks and lifestyle. She does demand loyalty and gives it back in amazing ways. She is even very brand loyal with items she purchases and services used. This is not a woman that will switch brands to save a few pennies. She is very resistant to life changes.

Aquarius Woman as a Friend

Aquarius females are super intelligent and love having their brain stimulated with good conversation and exchanging of facts. She is equally good at listening and speaking. She has no trouble finding herself endeared to all that surround her life. She does not want anyone to help her financially if possible. Her actions are always deliberate and with purpose. She is not stubborn, but away on the cook-out for situations that can lead to harm or heartbreak.

Aquarius Woman as a Co-worker

Management might not be the specialty of this sign, but she can become a good leader if she tones down her personality. She is always more than capable to perform her given tasks and do them well.

Best Careers for a Aquarius Woman :

  • CFO
  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • Environmentalist
  • Writer

Dating a Aquarius Woman

You never know who the Aquarius female will find herself dating. Her interests are just as varied as her personality. She will ant to stick with low-cost cultural events. She loves things like museums and archive sites. A good movie that contains enough plot twists to keep her mind engaged is a plus. She loves to dress nice and expects to be taken to places that reflect her internal desire for peace, tranquility and beauty.

Relationships and the Aquarius Woman

The perfect relationship partner for an Aquarius woman is one that can engage is metal battles that are never taken too seriously. She is not really that opinionated, but will choose a side to let the battle commence. In the end you will both be laughing. She enjoys a contrasting personality as long as she is given the leverage to remain true to her nature. She only desires the consistent company of someone that is open, honest and true to their word.

Love and the Aquarius Woman

Love is felt deeply by the Aquarius woman. She enjoys the game play that leads up to romance and love. She can be a loyal life partner, but you need to keep things rolling fresh to keep her interest. She is not against dating numerous people, but will trim things down to one once she feels she has made a love connection.

Characteristics of Aquarius man

Personality of the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man has a vision for the world that he feels compelled to share and get positive results. He is the one that you will see organize local clean-up crews for city parks and roadways. He is the one that will opt to take public transportation to limit pollution to the planet. He values his freedom above all else and may be hard to tie down in a relationship. He cannot stand the feeling of not being able to make his own schedule and get to events that are important to his causes. He is in every way the consummate humanitarian. When hurt emotionally he will seem to withdraw from the world, but he is really taking the situation in and evaluating.

Aquarius Male as a Friend

Aquarius men love to know people. They may be a little choosy on friends, but they ove to met people from all walks of life and circumstances. He is the one that will suggest games that require intelligence to play, such as chess. He is outgoing, talkative and seems to have a lot of worldly wisdom. He will go out on the town with large groups, but he wants to be the one that decides where everyone is going. He does not like conflict, but is not afraid to stand up for himself and those he cares about. He is considered a steadfast personality, loving to know as much as possible about the world.

Aquarius Male as a Co-worker

Working around an Aquarius man is both fun and relaxing. he can make the day pass by without really noticing. The taboo conversations he enjoys bringing up keep the good humor at the ready in the worst of working conditions. He rarely tales words easily, but would rather things be demonstrated. You will hardly ever find an Aquarius that plays to get love, His ability and desire to hold grudges is nearly zero, although he has a short tolerance for nonsense.

Best Careers for a Aquarius Male

  • CFO
  • Photographer
  • Politician
  • Journalist
  • Physician

Dating the Aquarius Male

Dates with an Aquarius man are fun-filled and satisfying. You never know what you might be doing. he is a master at surprise and enjoys making you think he has forgotten your birthday, when in reality he probably bough your gift weeks ago. The ability to take things lightly is a prerequisite for dating an Aqurius.

Relationships and the Aquarius Male

Creating a relationship with the Aquarius man is not possible. Relationships happen or they do not. There is no forcing the issue or you drive him away. he will feel that you are trying to chain him down and he will want his freedom. It is best to let things grow naturally. He can hold his own emotionally and will expect his partner to do the same. He tends to be faithful and helpful in every relationship he has had in the past.

Love and the Aquarius Male

The Aquarius male is both adventurous and complicated. He wants to brag that he is love, but too much and he starts to get the itch for freedom. His best mate possibilities are signs like Libra and Pisces that can be romantic without taking his affection as a joke. Nurturing this side of him will possibly earn you a love connection for life.



Capricorn Men and Women : Career, Personality, Love and Dating

Characteristics of a Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Woman Personality

Success and security are the dominant drives of the Capricorn woman. She is a high achiever that pushes her abilities to the limits and lets nothing stand in the way of great results. This is one of the power players of the zodiac and is not ruled by emotion. She can seem a bit cold and a bit manipulative, but her deep sense of responsibility keeps her walking the straight and narrow. She simply wants to stack the odds in her favor to get to the levels in life she desires. Stability in all situations is a must.

Capricorn Woman as a Friend

The Capricorn woman will place a series of hoops that must be jumped through in order to become a close friend. She will observe closely as you navigate the path and make the decision to cut you loose or become friends. Once you make the cut she will seem a very motherly character that is full of advice and will go to great lengths to help the ones she cares about. She is loyal, trustworthy and not given to backbiting and gossip. She is also very intolerant of that behavior around her circle of associates.

Capricorn Woman as a Co-worker

The Capricorn woman is very goal and career oriented. This is a woman that will play by the rules, but play to win. She is the best candidate for management and can handle all sorts of personalities with her strong maternal instincts. She is keenly aware of her surroundings and able to eliminate problem behaviors before it becomes an office war due to clashes in personality. Her stubborn streak and lack of veering off a chosen path is well matched by high intellectual capacities. Her decision making is usually spot on and can benefit any corporation or business.

Best Careers for a Capricorn Woman :

  • Business management
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Industry analyst
  • Lawyer

Dating a Capricorn Woman

Capricorn women refuse to believe in love at first sight and will not engage in a lot of flirtatious activity. She views this as nearly insulting to the game of love. Love to her needs to be wrapped up inside a big blanket of security, success and comfort. She will take her sweet time and get to know you well before admitting she is interested in pursuing a dating situation. If one thing feels “off” she will abandon ship with no regrets.

Relationships and the Capricorn Woman

If you have made it to the relationship state with a Capricorn woman it is a time of celebration. This means you are giving her the space she needs each day to unplug and unwind. She does require quite a bit of alone time to sort through the day and gather energy for the next adventure. She is one that does not leave monetary success to her partner. She has the drive and need to make sure there is money, cars and homes by her own efforts. Her independent streak is not out of pride, but an intense desire to not ever be dependent on anyone or anything.

Love and the Capricorn Woman

Love is not something that comes easy to the Capricorn woman. She is not normally given to strong emotions and will never be completely ruled by affections. There is a point of o return when you have met all of her requirements and she can feel safe enough to give you her heart. She is an intensely loyal partner, but can seem a bit demanding in the bedroom. It is a situation that requires patience and the ability to please every time. No weak men need to apply for a love relationship with a Capricorn female. She is seeking strong, independent, successful and confident men only.

Characteristics of Capricorn man

Personality of the Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is observant, docile in appearance, but a ferocious foe if crossed. He will beat you at your own game if given half the chance. His goal is reach the top when it comes to careers, love and friendships. He is more about quality than quantity. No matter his chosen profession he will carry it out to the best of his abilities. he will end up outranking those around him by biding his time and making intelligent moves that get the attention of those in power.

Capricorn Male as a Friend

The Capricorn male might give off the appearance of being shy, but he is actually very social. He keeps his friendship ring small for a reason. He is intensely private and feels that a few good friends are the best policy. He is adventurous to some extent, but tends to prefer favorite activities on a regular basis, whether it be golf or karaoke. He is quick-witted and intelligent. He is the one that everyone goes to for sage advice.

Capricorn Male as a Co-worker

The Capricorn man is a power player at work. His goal is to be the best at whatever he does. He stops at nothing to get to the highest ranking position possible. He enjoys the rewards of nice cars, a grand home and being able to vacation to exotic locales. He is not ashamed to show off his status through personal possessions and nice clothes.

Best Careers for a Capricorn Male

  • Business manager
  • CEO
  • Lawyer
  • Politician
  • Historian

Dating the Capricorn Male

Even though the Capricorn man does not fall into love easily, there is a firm belief in true love. He is slow to warm up to a woman, but once the wheels are turning it is hard to veer him from the path. He is not a conscious flirt and never plays around. He will seek the interest of one woman at a time and dating is his testing ground for developing a relationship.

Relationships and the Capricorn Male

A steady and healthy relationship is what the Capricorn deeply desires. He will be affectionate and helpful to his chosen mate, but is uncomfortable with public displays of affection. He will make sure that you understand his devotion behind closed doors. He is best matched with more artistic signs like Pisces. The things you will enjoy about men of this sign are the stability and intense sense of responsibility they feel for their partner.

Love and the Capricorn Male

The Capricorn man is the perfect sign for those that need a strong and devoted life partner. He will always make sure that bills are paid and you have all of the possible creature comforts that one can desire. He is able to set emotion aside and make the tough decisions. You will feel his love through deeds and actions rather than words.



Characteristics of Sagittarius : dating, love, career, personality …

Characteristics of a Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman Personality

The Sagittarius woman is a constant seeker of information and truth. She is very open-minded and loves to connect with everyone around. She will take keen interest in the stories of every life she touches. The Sagittarius woman is sincere in her interest and curiosity. Her goal is to learn everything there is to learn in life. Her sense of humor is unmatched by any other sign of the zodiac. She may seem a constant prankster, but most find her wave of boisterous celebration refreshing.

Sagittarius Woman as a Friend

Developing a friendship with a Sagittarius woman is one you will want to guard and maintain for a lifetime. You will find them very open, communicative, generous emotionally and always in your corner. Her relaxed demeanor combined with high energy make her attractive to all age ranges. She is as comfortable being around children as she is elderly. She finds herself endeared quickly by everyone and is missed when not present.

Sagittarius Woman as a Co-worker

The humor and love to have fun never quits with the Sagittarius woman. The frivolity will carry on to the workplace. She is a desirable attribute to most businesses for her ability to motivate everyone and help create a positive environment. She is always willing to help, stay late and show up early.

Best Careers for a Sagittarius Woman :

  • Home decorator
  • Fashion designer
  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Business marketing executive

Dating a Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is both extremely attractive and a delightful free spirit. There will be many men lining up to date this sign. She enjoys a man that does not mind a comfortable look, wears very little makeup and is rarely seen in a salon. Her semi-unkempt style has an attractive quality of its own. You will have to nearly run to keep up with the Sagittarius woman. Her schedule is always over-full and she rarely says no to adding even more. Sleeping is not her preferred activity.

Relationships and the Sagittarius Woman

A relationship can be established with a Sagittarius woman if she feels you really hit it off as friends. She believes in her heart that falling in love and friendship should go hand-in-hand. She will trustworthy as a companion, but is always needing the relationship to stay upbeat, fresh and creative. If you appear to have lost interest or you bore the Sagittarius woman she will disappear. Keep her intrigued and guessing with small heart-felt gifts and unplanned weekend trips. It will endear you to her for a lifetime. She hates to live by plans and routines and is fond of living the type of life that many would find chaotic.

Love and the Sagittarius Woman

The easiest way to have a Sagittarius woman fall in love is to accept her as she is. This is a very independent woman that does not want to feel as if you are changing her in any fashion. She is confident and full of energy. This demands high energy signs like Leo and Aries, but Gemini might hold the keys to keeping the home life happy for permanent companionship. Libra and Aquarius make the best friendships with Sagittarius, but their low-key personalities might be considered boring to the true Sagittarius. She is a bit animalistic and physical in the bedroom. She will do best with a very creative, open-minded and exploring lover.

Characteristics of Sagittarius man

Sagittarius Male Personality

The Sagittarius man is highly intelligent and you are likely to find him involved in technical and philosophical conversations of all sorts. What he is seeking is knowledge, truth and understanding of how things work. His listening skills are just as sharp. He wants to hear many varied opinions and gather all the facts possible to make his own conclusions about things. He is not a man to follow the crowd, but is comfortable leading in any situation. His natural born leadership abilities make him a popular person in business and social circles.

Sagittarius Male as a Friend

The Sagittarius man enjoys a wide circle of friends and loves to travel to meet even more. His biggest drawback is the fact that he tends to over-promise and over-book his schedule. He will not always make it to birthday parties and be able to run an errand for you even though he promised. He simply runs out of time. His heart is in the right place and wants to be there to assist all of his friends.

Sagittarius Male as a Co-worker

Most businesses will be happy to have a Sagittarius man on site. He is charming, quick-witted, intelligent and a natural born leader. He takes the job at hand seriously and will put a lot of thought into resolving any problems that crop up. He is a great asset when it comes to eliminating or reducing friction among other employees. He can be an excellent mediator that brings humor into even the darkest situations. He is always optimistic and refuses to give up when the job seems tough. He can function well as a team-player or management team member.

Best Careers for a Sagittarius Male

  • Entrepreneur
  • Tour guide
  • Business consultant
  • Poet
  • Philosopher

Dating the Sagittarius Male

The Sagittarius male is given to flirtation, but it is measured to test response. He may seem to act like a player, but he is truly seeking to find love. His ideal of the perfect date will include activities which might seem off the wall and different. He does not like to follow the crowd and this is reflected in all he does.

Relationships and the Sagittarius Male

Establishing a relationship with a Sagittarius man can take some doing. He is easily bored and demands a lot in the way of attention from his female companion. You will need to show him that he is truly your one and only. He is not given to jealousy, but does not want to compete for your attention. He hates being bound by schedules. You must be able and wiling to drop everything and travel at his whim. He will be a steady and faithful partner if the energy levels and need for mental stimulation match.

Love and the Sagittarius Male

Love is not an instantaneous thing for the Sagittarius man. This is not an emotion that he takes lightly. He is not one to show emotion to a great degree, but he will drop his guard for the woman he loves. You will still have a hard time trying to get him to show public affection. He does make up for this in the bedroom. He is very energetic, capable and experimental under the sheets. He will only fall for the woman that can equally match his prowess.



Scorpio Men and Women … personality, love, dating, career

Characteristics of a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman Personality

The Scorpio woman is often termed eclectic in nature, but she is a virtual mixture of varying emotion and energies. Most people find her a delight to be around, but a danger to be in the sights of her wrath. This is one woman that likes to keep a scorecard and is not afraid to do serious battle. Most men find her sexy and appealing, but is a slight bit intimidating to the meeker personalities of the opposite sex. The Scorpio woman has a strong drive to reach success in all she attempts.

Scorpio Woman as a Friend

The Scorpio woman loves challenges and will make almost anything into a win or lose contest. She is at home around friends that are not put off by her high energy and demanding nature. She expects the best out of everyone around her, but delivers top quality in friendship. This is one woman that will take your secrets to the grave. She is selective in close friendships, but willing to share all aspects of her life with what she feels are her best friends. She is almost always a fiery morning person and ready to tackle the world at a moments notice.

Scorpio Woman as a Co-worker

Scorpio women are highly organized and love to stay busy in the workplace. There is a tendency for this sign to get moody if she is bored. She is a natural leader, but can seem a bit demanding as a boss. Her stubbornness can be a huge asset when it comes to difficult tasks at the office.

Best Careers for a Scorpio Woman :

  • Business management
  • Entrepreneur
  • Politician
  • Actress
  • Movie Producer

Dating a Scorpio Woman

Getting a first date with a Scorpio woman can be quite a task. It is absolutely imperative to capture her attention in a dramatic way. This is the girl that wants the unexpected flowers delivered, singing telegrams and secret gifts. The more outrageous you can be, the more you will have her attention. Scorpio women love good looking men and are not afraid to flirt. This can be a problem to the more insecure males.

Relationships and the Scorpio Woman

Once a Scorpio woman has settled on you there is an intensity that can be astonishing. She will be your biggest admirer, but there is a double-edge sword. If she feels you have done wrong there will no end to her fury. She loathes the thought of wasting her time with a game player. She is intentional in trying to find the right fit that has the ability to last a lifetime. She will quickly drop anyone that does not meet her standards.

Love and the Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman in love is truly in her element. She loves deeply, passionately and puts everything in. She is not shy about showing affection and direction in the bedroom. Her air of mystery may seem confusing to anyone less than the love of her life. There are times she needs to be cuddled and brought through the ups and downs of emotions she feels deeply. She will reveal her complete self only when she feels a deep love and passion for her mate.

Characteristics of Scorpio man

Scorpio Male Personality

The Scorpio man is strong, compelled to success and a formidable force when done wrong. He has the ability to pick and choose careers, friends, lovers and times to seek revenge. He is very intuitive and can pick out the people that are weak to avoid disappointments in work associates, friends and life partners. He will generally only closely associate with those personalities that are as strong as his own. It is fascinating to kick back and listen to his conversations. His way of viewing life exudes confidence and dynamic energy.

Scorpio Male as a Friend

You will need a lot of carbs and caffeine to keep up with a Scorpio male as a friend. He is always seeking an adrenaline rush and you are likely to find him mountain climbing, surfing or skydiving. He does enjoy quiet evenings at times, but those are the moments you are entertained with his unending wit, charm and imagination.

Scorpio Male as a Co-worker

Most Scorpio men have the intelligence, tenacity, confidence and courage to be anything in life they want. They are not specifically locked into any one or few categories. You can find them working in positions as chef, security guard or county commissioner. Working alongside a Scorpio is an experience in dramatic exploration. He will not stop until he finds the best way to tackle any position he holds and be the best at what he does. It is a tough day ahead if you find out you are on his bad side.

Best Careers for a Scorpio Male

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Lawyer
  • Psychiatrist
  • Politician

Dating a Scorpio Male

The Scorpio male loves to dress to impress. He will want a beautiful companion to match his sporty car and lifestyle. He is well grounded, but is not shy about bragging when it comes to personal accomplishments. He wants to earn the heart of a woman that can appreciate his prowess in all areas of life. He has a need to be recognized as a great breadwinner, athlete and lover. Anything less than complete attention by the woman he is interested in will end the dating experience quickly. He can be considered by some as moody, hot-tempered and possessive. He will not waste time in moving on if he feels you are not a strong candidate for intimacy and future dates.

Relationships and the Scorpio Male

The Scorpio man is a high maintenance person for long term commitments. He is unequaled by the zodiac when it comes to demanding full loyalty, faithfulness and will easily allow his jealousy slip into open view when necessary. He is guarded about his personal feelings when in public, but will not hesitate to question your loyalty in a crowd if he feels you are being unfaithful. He is very capable of providing complete satisfaction in the bedroom, but will cut you off quickly if he feels you are cheating.

Love and the Scorpio Male

Curiosity is a hallmark when it comes to experiencing physical love with the Scorpio male. He will be a true powerhouse in the bedroom. He is instantly drawn to women that share his intense love of making love. His only flaw is the underlying jealous nature. He is extreme in needing to know with all confidence that his woman is true and faithful. This can cause a lot of internal friction if the woman feels controlled. The more mature Scorpio will settle in and understand that everyone needs some freedom and space. He does loves passionately, deeply and is intensely loyal to the woman of his dreams.



About Libra Men and Women : love, dating, career, personality !

Characteristics of a Libra Woman

Libra Woman Personality

A true Libra is one of the more serious of all the zodiac signs. As an air sign she is captivated at and talented with beautiful communication skill. She has the ability to communicate well with all signs, age groups and genders. She has a driving curiosity to know things. She is all about boundaries, fairness, balance, mutual respect, honesty, faithfulness and compatibility. She is focused on a goal of peace and tranquility in every area of life.

Libra Woman as a Friend

Libra women love to make friends. They tend to be outgoing and social, but warm up slowly to close friendships. This is because she has to balance all aspects and make sure you are compatible to her way of thinking and activity levels. She is easily bored and loves to explore new things. Keeping friendships with a Libra woman might prove to be the harder task. She demands loyalty in deed and thought. Lying is completely unacceptable and can hold grudges in this area.

Libra Woman as a Co-worker

Be sure and thank the Libra woman you have as a co-worker. She is more than happy to take on more than her fair share of work when necessary, but likes to be thanked for her efforts. She is not looking for recognition of actions, but rather wanting to see if you understand that she is pulling the weight to create a balance and harmony to the process. Treat her to lunch to repay her efforts and it will go a long way to cementing a good working bond.

Best Careers for a Libra Woman :

  • Judge
  • Physician
  • Kennel aid
  • Nurse
  • Police officer

Dating a Libra Woman

It is true that a Libra woman is social, but she can be a little picky when it comes to companions. She has the gift of being able to get along with most signs, but she wants to reserve her private hours for those she finds most compatible and calming. Aries and Capricorns tend to leave her frustrated, but a well-centered Aquarian and fun loving, romantic Pisces are right up her alley. She looks beyond surface measurements to see a great heart and willingness to see both sides of any issue.

Relationships and the Libra Woman

A Libra woman has the need for balance, stability and comfort with her relationship of choice. She demands loyalty and faithfulness in maintaining communication, dating activities and never forget a birthday or anniversary. She is not attracted by baubles and beads, but put a lot of thought into gifts and plans. This is what will make her feel that she is special and adored. She may seem a bit clingy if you go extended periods with no contact. She has no problem removing you from her phone contacts and moving on. What you get in return is a very committed companion that will go to extraordinary lengths to make you happy.

Love and the Libra Woman

It is impossible to win the heart of a Libra woman without first capturing her mind. She has the need for mental stimulation. Making love is more than an art of the physical body to a Libra woman. It is a combination of mental, physical and soul. The spiritual Libra woman will need to feel a spirit connection before entering into anything that would be considered a love match. She has a knack for knowing the right things to say at the right moments, but can sometimes be off and almost accusatory. Her flashes of deep emotion are tempered by the ability to soundly reason out emotion from reality through skilled communication with her beloved.

Characteristics of Libra man

Libra Male Personality

The Libra man is the most balanced of all men of the zodiac. This might explain why he is represented by the scales of justice and balance. He will go to extensive measures to try and be fair to everyone in his life. He has a knack for enjoying a good debate without it degenerating into arguments. He is a favored companion due to his sense of logic and understanding of many topics.

Libra Male as a Friend

You are liable to find the Libra man hanging out with people of all types. His non-judgmental nature makes him a desired and easy companion. He is as calm and tranquil in demeanor as he is refined in looks. Everyone wants to take the Libra man to the company picnic. He will be the hit of any social gathering and many like to view him as a steady and honest friend.

Libra Male as a Co-worker

The Libra man is not the perfect choice for positions of leadership, but he is one of the best team players you can hope for. He is in his element if he feels his contributions are making a difference. He tends to hesitate in making decisions, but is fully motivated to do what needs to be done at the end of the day.

Best Careers for a Libra Male

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Defense attorney
  • Mediator
  • Corrections officer

Dating the Libra Male

The Libra man will take the time to try and discover what activities you enjoy. He will be amiable, timely and look after your creature comforts. He is a bit obsessed with making sure you are having a good time. He may ask this numerous times, but try not to be annoyed. He wants an honest answer to make plans for future dates. You will find him to be a charming companion that is knowledgeable about many topics. Conversation is easy and there are rarely awkward moments. He is not unwilling to offer information about his own life, but will seem much more interested in hearing your tales of adventure and fun.

Relationships and the Libra Male

Establishing a long term relationship with a Libra man is an exciting proposition for any woman. He is generally very attractive both inwardly and outwardly. His compassion for humanity shines in almost all circumstances. He dislikes arguments and discord. He will only bring up situations and problems that are really important. This is not the type of man that will present nagging behaviors. He will toss a load of laundry into the wash machine rather than bug you to clean the clothes. He is a star negotiator and can get you the best price on any desired item. He goes out of his way to make sure that you have a smile on your face every day.

Love and the Libra Male

The Libra man loves to be in love. His charm and charisma make him a popular gentleman that is highly sought after. He is ruthlessly protective and faithful to his life partner. His best matches are with other air signs such as Aquarius, but is able to adapt to other signs as well. His big deal breakers are dishonesty and game play. When he declares his love it is with all honesty and integrity of emotion.



About Virgo Men and Women … love, career, personality, dating …

Characteristics of a Virgo Woman

Virgo Woman Personality

The Virgo woman is one that wins the hearts of most people she is around. Her charismatic charm and genuine concern for others shine brightly. There is nothing artificial about her smile, laughter and desire to get to know people on a higher level. She has a remarkable sense of intuition and can almost always sense when something is off with a person or situation. Her keen sense of integrity only allows her to use this inside information in ways that are helpful. She is very detail oriented and demands order in the world around. She can begin to feel anxious in situations that she feels are out of her control.

Virgo Woman as a Friend

The Virgo woman is one you can safely tell all of your secrets to and not worry about it spreading all over town. She enjoys being able to try and help her close friends with any situation that arises. She may not always have the answer, but you will feel better for having discussed it with someone that genuinely cares about the outcome. Her ability to remember things will astound at times. She is the one that never forgets birthdays, anniversaries and important events. She will be truly hurt of you forget her special days.

Virgo Woman as a Co-worker

A Virgo woman is normally well-grounded and does very little out of pure emotional response. She is a pleasant person to work around. She seems to be loaded with a ton of common-sense ideas and can easily take charge when necessary. She enjoys a career with challenge that involves a lot of multitasking or attention to detail. Her easy nature means she will have many more allies than enemies when it comes to office politics.

Best Careers for a Virgo Woman :

  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • Stock Broker
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Paralegal

Dating a Virgo Woman

Some men might be a bit put off when dating a Virgo. She seems to always analyze and gauge what the man is thinking. What she is actually doing is sorting through all the details to try and determine if there is the possibility of a relationship. She has a desire to understand all angles to avoid making a potential mistake. Developing feelings for a member of the opposite sex takes time and she explores every avenue to make sure she is putting her trust in the right man.

Relationships and the Virgo Woman

Once the Virgo woman has decided to follow her heart and give a man a try at a relationship the hard work begins. No one will work more diligently to dissect any problems and try to find solutions that work. She will be the one you find reading all sorts of relationship books and articles searching to create the perfect partnership between a man and woman. She needs a man that understands she is not nitpicking, but trying to be helpful. Her loyalty is strong and she will only tend to concentrate on one man.

Love and the Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is determined to find the right mate for her as a lifetime partner. Her attention to detail in men is as acute as all other areas of her life. She is not one to be gushy with feelings, but has quite the romantic heart. This is one woman you will have to spend time pursuing, but it is well worth the effort. Her strong independent nature will shine through in being able to help through the tough battles that come up in life. She does tend to have a few insecurities, but constant honest reassurance that you love her for the right reasons helps them disappear.

Characteristics of Virgo man

Virgo Male Personality

The Virgo man is a blend of complex thinker and energetic high achiever. He is balanced in mood and emotion, but is not one to show deep emotion often. He has a more critical and analytical side that is usually at the forefront. He will not hesitate to get involved in any activity where he thinks he offer positive contributions. He is as much community minded and goal oriented as he is in regards to his own personal life.

Virgo Male as a Friend

The Virgo male provides a solid foundation in friendship that will last over the years. They firmly feel that respect should be equally given and received. You will enjoy a friendship that is stable and relatively drama free. He will be the listening ear that you depend on when trying to make big decisions. His sage and sound advice are sought after by all he knows. He may not be the life of the party, but his steadfast, honest and valuable input make him the guy that most people want involved in their lives.

Virgo Male as a Co-worker

The Virgo man really digs into his work and can often overlook everything else in life. He has a sharp eye for details, which make his analytical and grounded approach to a career desirable. The difficult part is separating out enough to be able to view the larger picture. He can become too focused on the mundane. He will always be honest in business dealings, even if it means he loses a little money. He is critical of those that do not follow the same conduct and morals in the workplace. He tends to judge everyone by his own standards, which can be high.

Best Careers for a Virgo Male

  • Bookkeeper
  • Writer
  • Copyeditor
  • Scientist
  • Mathematician

Dating the Virgo Male

The Virgo man has very discriminating tastes when it comes to finding a dating partner. He likes to stay emotionally unattached until he gets to know a woman, which can make him seem a little hard and cold at first. A few dates in and he will begin to thaw a little if he finds himself attracted to his dating partner.

Relationships and the Virgo Male

Having a long term relationship with a Virgo man is one in which he will always be trying to get feedback and improve his performance as a companion. He will question everything from dining etiquette to bedroom prowess. The best way to show him support is to be patient and answer each question honestly. He is simply trying to be the best person he can for his partner. He tends to be very modest and almost shy in the bedroom, but he can have moments of pure passion. Giving him positive feedback in these moments will ensure there will be many more.

Love and the Virgo Male

The demand for balance with the Virgo man means he will only completely give his heart once he has weighed everything out and feels it is worth the investment. He is generally a homebody and prefers to spend quality off-time with his life partner and family. He tends to be faithful and trustworthy, but demands the same in return. His highly critical side has to be taken at face value. Some women may tend to think he nags or picks about things, but he is simply a process thinker. He genuinely strives to get along and make the world a better place for all.



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Characteristics of a Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman Personality

The true Cancer woman is a blend of many zodiacal styles. She is patient and nurturing, but can be a risk-taker when her mood demands it. She is part caregiver and part Devil’s advocate to those she truly loves. She is at ease both in crowds or all alone. Her changing moods and emotional states make her perplexing, but an interesting person to spend quality time around. Although she can be affected by those around her, this is a good thing when it comes to being able to drag her out of a funky mood.

Cancer Woman as a Friend

The Cancer woman may seem difficult to get to know, but once you have entered her realm of close friends you will appreciate the warmth and nurturing that is consistent with the sign. She is one that you can feel safe to be exactly who you are and tell all of your secrets. She will move mountains to try and help resolve issues for those she cares about. Avoid being critical of a Cancer woman friend. She will take it personally. She very well may forgive, but never forget.

Cancer Woman as a Co-worker

The Cancer woman is drawn to all sorts of business pursuits. Her ability to be intuitive is a blessing in any workplace setting. Her no-nonsense approach to important matters makes her the best team player. She is continually looking for the betterment of everyone and the company she runs or has her employed.

Best Careers for a Cancer Woman :

  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Daycare
  • Counselor
  • Musician

Dating a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman hates to feel as if she is wasting her time. Never assume that your chosen activity for a date is fine. Her choices in activities may seem eclectic, but not providing her with the activities she loves can be a real deal breaker. She is keenly aware of how limited free time is and wants to know that you enjoy the same activities, foods and dislikes. These to her are the ties that bind. It is all about bonding to the Cancer woman.

Relationships and the Cancer Woman

Long term relationships with a Cancer woman can be extraordinary for the right partner. She tends to be a home body and enjoys nights with candlelit dinners, snuggling for a movie or hanging out on a hammock on the patio. She can occasionally be moody, but that can all be wiped away with some soft music and cold glass of wine. Her nurturing side craves close communication with her partner. She needs to feel that you truly care about the things that are important and are happening in her life. She returns it ten-fold.

Love and the Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is mentally keeping a scorecard, whether you realize this or not. She will only fully giver heart to the man that fits her criteria. You must be faithful, funny, organized, compassionate, optimistic and understanding that her moodiness comes from a place of disappointment or rejection. In many ways she feels too deeply for others and can feel the sting of rejection when people tell her she is too nosy or they simply ignore her sage advice. These are times she needs comfort the most. She is all about pleasing her partner in bed and is very open when she feels comfortable.

Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer Male Personality

The Cancer man has a keen insight, almost intuition into those in his life. It almost feels as if he can read minds. He does this through his innate ability to watch and observe basic human behavior. He can be your best friend or worst adversary. He has no problems being sociable, but tends to be picky about his associations. His tendency towards sentimentalism makes it difficult for him to move on from inopportune and unhealthy situations. His ultimate goals are to have a family and creative job, but getting there can be an emotional battle for this zodiac.

Cancer Male as a Friend

Having a Cancer male friend means that you have made the cut in being loyal, mentally stimulating and non-aggressive in pursuit. They prefer to let you know when they enjoy your company and are put off by pushy people and behaviors. He will expect you to take his side in any argument. He will be deeply offended if you ride the fence or side with the opposition. His blend of adding fond memories to current events make him an outstanding party guest. He can keep a close group of people entertained for hours. He tends to seem to possess more wisdom than his age should allow.

Cancer Male as a Co-worker

The Cancer man views himself as the provider for the family. This means he will do everything in his power to do any job to the best of his ability. He is always willing to put in more than his fair share of work to make a project run smoothly. Stress is one thing that he does not deal with well and avoids at all costs. He is not one to run from a battle, but he will do his homework to make sure he is on the winning side.

Best Careers for a Cancer Male

  • Journalist
  • Legal Researcher
  • Teacher
  • Business Administrator
  • Social worker

Dating the Cancer Male

The hardest part of dating a Cancer male is keeping his attention. He has a strong need to feel affirmation and for his dating choices to prove that they are trustworthy. This is an exhaustive process that some women tire of quickly. He is always a gentleman, but will only open up completely when he feels that complete trust has been earned. His ultimate fear is of being hurt.

Relationships and the Cancer Male

A typical Cancer man will only establish a relationship once he feels sure there is full compatibility in trust, admiration and devotion. These are the times you have to make sure you are in tune with any habits that are annoying to the Cancer man. These can be a complete turn off. The slightest hints of infidelity will have him running. He is looking for a lifetime mate and loyalty is most important to him. He is seeking a woman that wants to establish a family, not party every weekend. Home gatherings, barbecues and get-together’s are his cup of tea. His list of social contacts is small, but if you are his special lady he will always make time for romance.

Love and the Cancer Male

Earning the love of a Cancer man is to have a partner that is completely devoted to your comfort, safety and overall happiness in life. His skill in the bedroom is nearly unparalleled with his ability to pick up intuitively on the needs and desires of his partner. He will never tire of romancing or being romanced. The Cancer man is considered one of the most tender and considerate partners in the zodiac. This is the one that will do all of those little household tasks without being asked because he wants to demonstrate his love.