The Moon: Consort to the Sun and Ruler of Emotions

When it comes to astrology, the main focus is usually on sun signs. But there in the sky, lighting the darkness and stirring the tides, is the motherly luminary we know as ‘the moon.’ She rules over the realms of sensitivity, intuition, change and mood.

The moon’s location in your astrology chart influences your emotions and reactions. She moves through the astrological signs so quickly that you’ll need to know the time of your birth to find your moon sign.

Moon in Aries

You take the lead and express your emotions in a fiery way. You have a direct approach and seek honesty in return. In relationships, you prefer conflict to glossing over issues in the name of ‘keeping the peace.’

Moon in Taurus

Strong-willed and occasionally stubborn, you also have a sensual and peace-loving side. Earthy and grounded, you appreciate creature comforts. You’re content to build relationships slowly, preferring down-to-earth interactions.

Moon in Gemini

You’re happiest when learning and imparting your knowledge to others. You can be sensitive and moody but typically use your intelligence to overcome obstacles. A flow of communication is important to keep your relationships from going stale.

Moon in Cancer

You feel a strong connection to your ancestors and are generally happy when surrounded by family. You hang onto emotional pain and rejection, so your best relationships are the kind where you can share your innermost thoughts in a loving and nurturing environment.

Moon in Leo

You enjoy being treated like royalty. Generous and kind-hearted, you make a great friend and leader because you support others’ dreams. Surround yourself with people who feed your soul the way you do for others.

Moon in Virgo

You’re happiest when being useful. You appreciate the little things in life and feel most at home when you can tidy and organize. You’re very giving and hold others to a high standard of accountability.

Moon in Libra

Your appreciation of beauty, harmony, and justice leads you to seek environments that provide you with such. While you enjoy social activity, you also need occasional solitude to reconnect with yourself. As a natural people-pleaser, take care not to always put others’ needs first.

Moon in Scorpio

Plumbing the depths of intense emotions is your lifeblood. You require passion and loyalty in your relationships, but your intensity and secretive nature can create turbulence. A natural-born mystery solver, you have a higher level of intuition than most.

Moon in Sagittarius

You enjoy travel and plenty of personal space. Stifled by routine and obligations, you’re happiest when balancing physical exercise with intellectual exploration. You particularly enjoy wilderness adventures. Brave in crises, you often charm your way out of trouble.

Moon in Capricorn

Your true satisfaction comes from achieving goals. You crave respect from others and are more than happy to earn it with hard work. You enter relationships for the long haul, preferring quality over quantity. Although hesitant to share of yourself emotionally, you have a deep reservoir from which to pull.

Moon in Aquarius

You enjoy mental stimulation and creativity. Although you appreciate solitude, you truly come alive in large groups. You have a lot of friends and treat them like family. In relationships, you need independence; nothing turns you off faster than clinginess.

Moon in Pisces

As the empaths of the world, you can get emotionally overwhelmed and require solitude to reconnect with yourself. Strongly affected by others’ energies, it’s easy to lose yourself in relationships. To recharge your emotional batteries, try meditation, daydreaming, or losing yourself in a good book.